Alice is a recent college grad who finds amusement in all things pop culture, particularly focusing on the Asian American community. She’s a proud Geek Girl and loves to blog about anime, manga, and conventions. She also has a Youtube channel where she vlogs about all things in geek culture. This blog is a window to her insanely ridiculous thoughts. She’s angry, happy, tired, and drunk most of the time so let the shenanigans ensue.

Feel free to shoot an email to her at xoxoalicevega [at] gmail.com!

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  2. I absolutely love your blog, especially the Geek culture! I was just wondering, for a beginning cosplayer like me, what contacts and wigs do you usually use? Like do you have a list of trusted brands and sites you use to order? And for cosplay, do you usually make it yourself, or do you have a trusted site? Sorry for all the questions, I’ve always wanted to get into cosplaying anime characters, but I’m super paranoid about ordering off the internet. I plan on attending several anime conventions next year =) Sorry for bothering! and thank you in advance~

    • Thank you! πŸ™‚ Sorry for this super late reply, haha. I was kinda on a hiatus for a bit. For wigs, I love to use this site called epiccosplay.com or arda-wigs.com. As for contacts, I actually just started using contacts whenever I cosplay, so I’ve only bought some from a site called pinkyparadise. As for how I get my costumes, it really just depends. If I have the time, I’ll make it. If I don’t have time, I’ll get it commissioned. If you want to get it commissioned, I know some good friends who you can contact.

      Thanks for your questions! πŸ™‚ I appreciate the support on my blog! Please let me know if you ever need help on anything! πŸ™‚

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