I Love to Eat


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Hey guys! Happy TMI Tuesday!

This is off topic, but I realized I greeted you a “TMI Tuesday” last week but I didn’t even divulge anything TMI about me. I know, what a tease, right?! Sorry I deprived you of that, but rest assure, I won’t fail you this week.

But you’re going to have to wait til the end of the post to find out my weird TMI fact. *insert evil laugh here*

And don’t be a bitch and just scroll to the end. Forreall.

Anyways… today I wanted to talk about my obsession with eating. Now I know I’m not the only one who gets excited when there’s a good deal at McDonalds or there’s a new taco at Taco Bell, so I’m asking you nicely to let your inner fat kid run loose for the next couple minutes. That way, my inner fat kid and your inner fat kid can be fat kid BFFs.

I love all kinds of food. Asian food, Mexican food, American food, Junk food from every country… yeah, I love it all. I tend to usually crave salty foods, so I’m more of a chip person than a cookie person. I don’t know what it is about chips, but I have the ability to eat an entire party bag of chips by myself. It’s actually more disgusting than admirable, and it’s definitely not an attractive site to see. Favorite chips would have to be a 3-way tie between hot cheetos, hot fritos, and potato chips. Yeah, I don’t care if I get all that red stuff on my fingers. Whenever I finish a bag of hot cheetos or hot fritos, I have no shame and just lick/suck the spices off my fingers. But the funny thing is, in public and especially when I’m among many pretty girls, I do the “lady-like” thing and wash my hands because who wants a bunch of pretty, skinny girls to judge you as you suck the red off your fingers? (That’s what she said. Wait, what?) But as I wash my hands, I always die a little on the inside. What a waste of valuable sucking. (Now THAT’S what she said.)

Which brings me to another point. I hate going out to eat with people who eat like a bird. You know what kind of people I’m talking about. These are the people who basically eat 1/5 of their plate at a restaurant and claim they’re so full, while you can still eat another 2 plates PLUS dessert. Best example of this scenario is eating all-you-can-eat Korean barbeque with a group of people. If you ever have the displeasure of going with me to a Korean bbq restaurant, I will order multiple plates of brisket and a shit ton of rice paper. Like, I’m basically ringing the bell every 5 minutes because I’ll be out of one of the two.

So I’m gonna be real. I can eat 2-3 plates of brisket by myself, no lie. Seriously! I’m usually one of the last people eating because I ain’t afraid to get my grub on. AND I still have room to eat the ice cream at the end. The trick is to NOT eat rice and be weary of how many sides you eat. The only things I pretty much eat are the brisket, the rice paper, and the lettuce. Also, drink WATER! No iced tea or soda… that’s gonna get you full for sure. Haven’t you seen competitive eaters? They drink water so that they can wash everything down and have room for more. Duh. That’s like, Fat Kid 101.

I don’t know about you, but I’m the kind of person that likes to have food accompany me with almost anything I do. So if I’m playing video games, I need food. Watching a movie, I need food. Taking a bath, I need food. Just kidding, but seriously, I need food. I don’t know if it’s because I’m actually hungry or if I just need something to help me focus at the task at hand, I just like having a snack there.

I definitely need food if I’m drinking. I think it’s because my brain automatically just pairs alcohol and food together like wine and crackers (I’m just oh so classy). I also think it might be because when I’m buzzed, I just want comfort food to help me through this crazy time. So whenever I’m at a party or kickback and you somehow see me in a buzzed state of mind, I’ll usually be asking for food. Preferably something terrible for you like hot cheetos or some greasy ass tacos.

But as much as I love all this bad stuff, I really am trying to eat a lot healthier since I am getting older. Let me tell you – eating healthy is difficult and just straight up sucks. And I know all you nutritionist-healthy-eating-foodie-fitness-gurus are going to come at me with some bullshit like, “Oh there’s some healthy options that taste just like the actual stuff!” No. No it doesn’t. I don’t care how delicious you say that pizza might be. It’s not the same. Quit playing games with my… stomach. AND heart. (Backstreet Boys throwback!)

After I got off work tonight, I was so hungry that I decided to stop by a McDonalds to get something to eat because I just couldn’t wait til I got home. But since I AM trying to eat a little healthier, I actually opted for the “healthier” options. If there’s anything you should know about me, it’s that one of my favorite foods of ALL time are french fries. McDonalds french fries are THE BEST. It’s like my weakness. It’s like… my kryptonite. Like at restaurants when I have the option between french fries and a salad, it’s like, HELLO… why is that even a question? This is America.

Anyways, at the McDonalds drive-thru, I had an internal battle between my bad side and good side. My bad side was saying, “Fuck it, just get the french fries. You’re at McDonalds, for crying out loud, it doesn’t get any fatter than this.” But my good side was saying, “No! There’s 10 more days until Anime Expo. NO FRENCH FRIES!” I literally had to ask for a minute at the order menu just to rationalize all this shit in my head.

At the end, all I ordered was one of their new McWraps. It was the grilled chicken and ranch one, which was actually really good. But no french fries… 😦 It’s ok though. Just for the freakin’ wrap, it was already almost $5. Like, seriously McDonalds? $5 for this wrap? Yeah, that made it a little easier to say no to the french fries.

So what’s your favorite food? Can you cook? Let’s let our inner fat kids converse for a bit.


TMI Fact of the Week: Sometimes I just fall asleep after I work out. I DON’T forget to shower… I just shower later.

It’s Cool to be Uncool


Hey guys! Happy Thursday!

Do you remember back in the day when being a “geek” or a “nerd” was a bad thing? I mean, remember Screech from Saved By The Bell? Toby Isaacs from Degrassi? Umino from Sailor Moon?! Nerds in mainstream media have always been portrayed as unattractive, unpopular, and uncool. But now I’d like to argue that here in the year 2013, geeks and nerds have become the coolest kids on the block.

For the sake of clarity, I will be using the term “nerd” and “geek” interchangeably because there’s a difference between the two. Check out Burr Settle’s article on this topic by clicking here.

Flashback to 10 years ago. In elementary school, I had an obsession with Hello Kitty and anime. (Still do, lol.) This was the year I started attending anime conventions with all my older friends. I was one of the “smart” kids (which is ironic now because my IQ is totally average.) To put it bluntly, my interests were a lot different than most of my friends my age. Don’t get me wrong, I also loved the mainstream music and pop culture at the time (Spice Girls anyone?) but whenever I would start talking about Dragonball Z or Pokemon in very deep detail, people would look at me funny. And then I’d realize only a handful of the other kids were just as enthusiastic as I was. That’s when I realized… people dubbed us as “geeks.”

The point I’m trying to make is that being a geek was seen as weird and different… and not in a good way. I mean, when I would try to talk to the other kids about anime and video games, I always got mixed reactions. The boys in my class would understand whenever I’d talk about Gundams or DBZ, and the girls would kind of have a general idea if I talked about Sailor Moon. But there was never any moment I can full on geek out with anyone over these things. To avoid being an outcast, I always changed the subject to a topic everyone would know about, just so I can fit in and not be different. Has this ever happened to you? I know I’m not the only one who has experienced this.

It didn’t help that I started cosplaying the year after. Now MOST kids definitely didn’t understand this shit. They couldn’t even comprehend why I loved these Japanese cartoons so much, and now I’m dressing up as the characters and attending conventions? I was always pretty sad that none of my school friends could relate to what I loved.

Now here we are in present time. The reason why I argue that it’s cool to be uncool is because the mainstream media has made the “nerd” or “geek” likable to people. No longer are the days of awkward, isolated social skills, but now we’re put to the forefront and are admired by many. I mean, Big Bang Theory anyone? One of my sorority sisters told me she loved that show and I was beyond shocked when she told me that it was basically about these group of nerdy friends just being nerdy. I kept thinking, “Wtf… Hollywood actually finds this amusing now? Whatever happened to us being so weird and different?!”

And I think that’s just it. Being a nerd or a geek is about being different. It’s about separating yourself from the “norm” and to people nowadays, that’s cool because we all want to stand out somehow. It’s seen as people having so much depth and knowledge about different things and it makes them cool. It’s crazy to think the day has come where my vast knowledge of the first season of Pokemon is actually valuable to people.

I can distinctly remember a time when the manga section of Barnes and Noble was literally just one shelf. Now if you go to a bookstore, the manga section takes up a whole aisle. The proof is in the pudding, you guys. Just look at how Hollywood has infiltrated Comic Con. I remember when I was younger, there wasn’t any big shot Hollywood actors and directors there, and if there were, it wasn’t really emphasized on different news outlets. Now Comic Con has become one of the most anticipated events in the entertainment industry.

I’m not saying any of this is bad. In fact, I welcome the attention! It’s about time cool stuff like anime, manga, video games, and comic books are getting their chance to shine in the spotlight. Look how well all the comic book movies are doing in the box office.

Therefore, I’d like to end on a positive note. This goes out to all the kids who always felt like no one understood their obsession with their favorite anime, comic book, or video game. We’re the shit. Embrace your geeky and nerdy knowledge. Because people wanna be like us now.


The Art of Fangirling

If you know me, then it shouldn’t be a surprise that I’m a huge fangirl of everything awesome. I have different fandoms and I love them all equally. Sometimes I’ll have a phase where I’ll be obsessed with one fandom for a couple of months or years, and then I’ll switch it up. I guess I do it just to keep things interesting and spice it up a bit.

So you’re probably wondering: what the hell is a fangirl and what is a fandom? Well first of all, if you’re on the internet and don’t know the answer to at least one of the questions, then shame on you. But it’s ok – once you’re done reading this post, you might find out that you, too, have an inner fangirl/fanboy just waiting to come out.

Fangirl – noun
1. A rabid breed of human female who is obsessed with either a fictional character or an actor. Similar to the breed of fanboy. Fangirls congregate at anime conventions and livejournal. Have been known to glomp, grope, and tackle when encountering said obsessions.
-Credit: Urban Dictionary

First of all, that definition is a little outdated. I mean, who still uses Livejournal? (I haven’t signed onto mine in almost 6 years now.) If you used Livejournal, you were most likely writing fanfiction (like I was). Livejournal, in my opinion, was used for people in different fandoms to connect and share their love for the fandom. I’m not sure if people still use it though… It’s kinda like a Xanga now. Like, who uses Xanga anymore? That’s like using a midi file for your website in 2013.

And you know you’re a fangirl/fanboy if you’ve ever used the word “glomp” in a sentence. Remember those good ol’ times when you saw that word on t-shirts at almost any convention?! Ahh… those were the days.

But now “glomp” is so 2003.

In case you don’t know what “glomp” means, glomp is basically a tackle hug. Only anime fans would know what this means because most anime always has a character glomping another character. You know how some people act out what they see on TV? Yeah, kinda applies here. If you still don’t really understand what glomping is, here’s an image I found on google on how to do it right.


Scary, right? Especially if you’re the victim.

I always found it weird that not many of my friends really understood why I had so many obsessions and why I was so infatuated with the fandoms. I mean, if you find something you really love, like a sport, a book, a movie, etc., don’t you want to find out everything about it? For example, if you love basketball, don’t you want to watch ESPN and watch every highlight of everyday? Buy the games, wear the jerseys, tweet about it, tweet to your favorite player!? If you’ve done this, you can consider yourself a fangirl/fanboy. Because this is what fangirling is at the very core.

But I’d like to point out that there are different levels of fangirling. You have your extreme fangirls who sleep, breathe, eat their fandoms, and you have your mildly obsessed fangirls who don’t mind watching the series or movie over and over in the privacy of their own home but wouldn’t be caught DEAD at an event with other geeks in the fandom.

As you can see, there’s a spectrum and depending on how proud you are of your fandom, you may land differently on the spectrum than your friends.

As for me, I consider myself pretty extreme. I’m pretty vocal about what I love and I have no shame in telling people so. I go to anime conventions, I’ve cosplayed, I used to write fanfiction, I still READ fanfiction (both anime and Hunger Games), I’ve been to plenty of midnight premieres, I have a freakin’ Hunger Games tattoo, one of my sorority paddles is a Pikachu, and I follow all my idols on Twitter and tweet to them. And sometimes they tweet back! 😀

OH and I can probably quote some of my favorite Youtubers. Because I’ve watched their videos THAT much.

You can call me creepy all you want, but if you’ve already met me, I bet you didn’t know half these things that I do. I’m just good at integrating myself with society so that I don’t look like that awkward kid in the corner with no social skills. It’s definitely something I’ve had to perfect over the years. When I was a kid, I used to sing all the songs in my Rurouni Kenshin: Best Collection CD out loud to all my friends during recess.

Yeah, as if I wasn’t teased enough for being the asian kid.

So now that you know the art of fangirling, you may unleash your inner fangirl/fanboy out to the world. Let that fangirl converse with me sometime. Trust me, you’re not weird and you’re definitely not alone.

Hope everyone has had a great weekend! Happy Father’s Day to all the dads and moms out there!


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5 Songs That I Hate to Admit I Love

Hey guys! Happy Friday!

First off I want to thank you for reading my last blog post. It was the most read one I’ve done so far, so I guess that means that either A) everyone loves Maids, B) everyone loves reading about my personal life, or C) everyone loves Maids. So don’t worry, I’ve taken all that into consideration and the topic of Maid Cafes will be discussed and maybe even VLOGGED about in future posts. 😉 (I’m thinking about launching a Youtube channel… yay or nay?)

I’ve been working hard the past couple weeks transitioning from spring semester/sorority stuff to summer school, working more hours, and prepping for Anime Expo! So if it sounds like I’m busy, it’s because I am. But through all the busy work, I bear good news.

I finally have my own domain! 😀 -insert happy cheer- If you haven’t noticed, my URL address is just AliceVega.com as opposed to AliceVega.wordpress.com. I decided to just go for it because I’ve always wanted my own domain. So here I am! I’m like a new woman now.

Anyways, I wanted to do a fun topic today since it’s FRIDAY and we’re getting down and we’re looking forward to the weekend, weekend. (Get it? No? Ok…) I had the sudden inspiration to write about my favorite guilty pleasure songs since I actually was listening to Rebecca Black’s Friday song right before this.

OK so judge me all you want. I know this girl got ridiculously bagged on for having a really dumb song that went viral, but hey, she’s the one laughing at the end because she made tons of money AND got exposure. Do you know how hard that is to do that?? There’s millions of artists trying to break into the industry who will probably never get their big break but here’s this 15-year-old somethin’ that came waltzing in through Youtube and made a statement.


Photo from nydailynews.com

She made the biggest statements of statements. We have to thank her for letting us know that it’s Friday and that tomorrow is indeed Saturday and the day after that is Sunday.

Thank you Rebecca Black. I so excited.

Anyways, another song I hate to admit I love is Justin Bieber’s song “Baby.” Do you guys remember when Justin Bieber was just posting videos on Youtube? Because I distinctly remember that period of time and when he released this song, I honestly thought it was two different guys. Don’t ask me why, I just did. But hey, I’m a big supporter of Youtubers and as much as people hate on Bieber Fever, deep down I secretly will always support him since he was one of the lucky ones who crossed over to mainstream media.

Oh and it helps that Ludacris is featured in the song. AND he gives a Starbucks shout out. I just got 10 more cool points. Thanks, Ludacris.

Okay let’s move onto the next song. One Direction’s song “Kiss You.” Yeah, I get that this isn’t their breakout single, but this song is hella catchy. If you haven’t heard it, I suggest you open up your Spotify and listen to it. Like, even listening to the first 10 seconds will suffice. You can’t tell me that that’s not catchy! Everytime I hear this song, I tend to body roll when they sing “Yea-a-a-hhh” in the chorus. (Ok, I totally don’t know how to spell that, but you get the point.) Ooh, I know, so edgy! Body rolling to a One Direction song.

Again, I am not stopping you from judging me. And I bet now that you’ve listened to the “Yea-a-a-ahh” part, you’re body rolling to it too. Huh??

Anyways, the next song I want to talk about is a current one. You might have heard it on the radio since it’s that mainstream and catchy. It’s called “Bubble Butt” by Major Lazer Feat. Bruno Mars, 2 Chainz, Tyga, and Mystic. First of all, that combination of artists just spells a recipe for a hot mess. If you’ve ever watched the video, you know what I’m talking about. True story, I watched that entire music video just to see if any of the actual rappers (i.e. Major Lazer, 2 Chainz, etc.) made a cameo and they didn’t. So now I can say I watch that whole video in its entirety and I wish I didn’t.

But damn it, that song is SO catchy.

The last song I want to discuss is Miley Cyrus’ Party in the USA. I’m not going to say much about Miley herself since she’s had the whole world pretty much talk about her, but I will say I don’t hate her nor love her. I used to watch Hannah Montana, so I’ll just leave it at that. Hey, everybody makes mistakes. Everybody has those days, everybody knows what I’m talking about —

Ok, I’ll stop. Seriously.

Are some of these your guilty pleasure songs too? I’d love to see your list. Leave it below in the comments! 🙂


I Work at a Maid Cafe

Photo from lovelycomplex.net

Photo from lovelycomplex.net

Hey guys!

So I’ve been really excited to write about this topic because it hits close to home for me. I finally wanted to write about my life as a maid… in a maid cafe.

It should come as no surprise to you that I’m pretty vocal about the fact that I work and manage a Maid Cafe. But let’s backtrack a little. I get asked all the time, “What is a Maid Cafe?” Well, I’m about to school you on Maid Cafe 101.

Maid Cafes originated from Akihabara, Japan and it’s basically an actual cafe, but with a fun role play twist. The waitresses are dressed in maid uniforms and act as “servants” (to a degree) and the guests are their “masters” or “mistresses.”

So what do you do in a Maid Cafe? Well in the authentic ones, since it’s an actual cafe, you can order food. The maids will usually decorate your plate in a very cutesy manner and power up your food. And by power up, I don’t mean any weird Dragonball Z or Street Fighter reference. They do it in a very “moe” fashion. Moe (pronounced mo-eh) refers to the adoration of young or innocent-looking female characters. So as you can see, a lot of this culture is derived from anime.

Aside from eating, your maids will usually entertain you by playing various games with you. At my maid cafe, we love to play jenga. We’ve all played so much jenga that we’re pretty much jenga masters.

(Ok, not really, but that game is the shit. Just saying.)

Last but not least, my most favorite aspect of the cafe are the performances. The maids usually dance or sing for the guests, making it like a dinner and show kind of feel.

Group pic! :D

Group pic! 😀

I’ve been doing this for 3 years now and I absolutely love it. It’s fun to play a character and basically make people smile all day. And now as a manager, I get to coordinate the shows and hire all the wonderful staff. It’s a pretty good gig, if I say so myself.

But most importantly, working in maid cafe made me realize a lot about myself. You see, through college, I always felt I needed to have this professional face on all the time. When my friends would ask me what I wanted to do in the future, I always said the typical answer of any Comm major or Journalism major… “OH I want to work in PR.” or “Oh, I want to do something in entertainment… like work in E! or Entertainment Tonight.” I started to feel my professional self was so void of anything I truly loved, which was my geeky side. I’ve been attending anime conventions for over 11 years now and even if I wasn’t working for one, I’d still be an attendee.

Anime conventions to me are a place where I can just be myself. Growing up, people always made fun of me for liking this “Asian stuff,” but at the conventions, I feel like I can be myself and no one will judge me. (Well, almost. But you get my point.)

I think the best part of working at a Maid Cafe is the people you work with. I would not be having as much fun as I am if it weren’t for the other maids and hosts (the guys). I’ve learned a lot from them and we’ve become a happy, dysfunctional family.

If you want to understand more and see all of this for yourself, go to one! Maid Cafes are very popular nowadays and they’re not only in Japan anymore. Just from experience, a lot of anime conventions or anime clubs here in the U.S. have their own Maid Cafe. I encourage you to see this for yourself.

Have you ever visited a Maid Cafe? Do you work at one too?! Let me know by leaving a comment. 🙂


Asian Stereotypes: We Love Studying


Photo from chibiland.windy-goddess.net

Hey there friends! Happy TMI Tuesday.

So I was actually in the process of writing another blog post about… well… let’s keep it as a surprise for now. But I ended up saving that as a draft and writing this instead.

So let me be real. I have a midterm at 9 AM. It’s almost 3 AM and I haven’t really gotten a lot done. (Oops, sorry parentals.) I’m way too relaxed right before a big test and honestly, it’s because I HATE studying. In all my years of being a student, both high school and college, I am absolutely terrible at sitting down and memorizing shit. I’ve even fancied the thought that maybe my short attention span might be due to A.D.D, but then I realized, I don’t get THAT distracted. I’m just straight up lazy and I’d rather spend my time doing other things.

If there was a test on the entire series of Sailor Moon or Youtube Star Trivia, dear lord, I would get an A++++. I’d be that student that everyone wants to cheat off of because they bring their book to every class and actually open the book.

I titled this post “Asian Stereotypes” because this will be one of many blog posts where I address a stereotype that I definitely do not fit. I’m not sure why Asians are always perceived as smart, but hey, to me that’s a compliment! I don’t even have to do anything and I already look smarter than my non-Asian friends. But that goes out the door once you hear me open my mouth and I sprout out nonsense about the most random shit you’ll ever hear. 

I thought it always sucked when my other Asian friends had parents who were super strict on their grades. I’m lucky to have parents who just trust that I’m doing well (until they read this post and see that I’m not getting anything done) and let me pursue what I want to pursue. You know what I’m talking about, right? Those parents that just expect you to be doctors or nurses or something else that’s highly regarded as a prestigious career. I for one would be so unhappy if I was forced to study something I didn’t care about. College is expensive!! Why on earth would I be spending thousands of dollars on a subject I give no fcks about? I’m happy that I got to study what interested me because it helped shape me into the person that I am today. (Which is a person that loves to talk. Can you believe there’s a major for that?!)

In all the anime that I watch, I always admired the bookworms that study hardcore and got top scores on tests. I remember when I was in 3rd grade, I was really inspired by Ami (Sailor Mercury) and one time at a sleepover when my friends and I didn’t know what to do, I pulled out a random textbook I had and said, “Hey guys! Let’s study!”

Needless to say those girls aren’t my friends anymore.

(Just kidding, we still keep in touch. Kinda.)

I hate to end this post on such a negative message that studying sucks, because in all honesty, we all do need to study in order to be good people. Even if you’re not in school, you still have to spend time working hard at your job in order to be great at it. So the moral of the story is, study hard. Read that textbook with laser focus and get good grades, kids.

Or you can be like me and blog about how much this sucks.


ISAtv Introduces a New Variety Game Show


Photo courtesy of Youtube

So I’ll admit… I’m a little late on posting about this. But hey, I loved this show so much, I just wanted to share it with you guys in case you haven’t heard of it.

So let’s backtrack a little. ISA is a concert events company that focuses on showcasing rising Asian American talent from online videos. (Basically all the Asian Youtubers in one place.) Founded by the ever popular Wong Fu Productions and Far East Movement, ISA has blossomed into a popular source for Asian American entertainment on the internet.

So if you’ve ever seen any game shows from Asia, you’ll know their game shows are anything but normal. They’re loud, fun, crazy, and there’s always some sort of dancing. Well, at least in Filipino game shows anyway. I for one have always found Asian game shows very entertaining and hilarious to watch. My favorite would have to be Silent Library from Japan.


Photo courtesy by ISAtv’s Official Tumblr

ISAtv basically wanted to create their own version of those popular game shows. If you haven’t watched it yet, you better open up a new tab in your browser and start watching it. Like seriously. I’m waiting for you to do it. Did you do it yet? Ok…. good.  All the contestants in this first episode are popular Youtubers that you might recognize. We have Wesley Chan and Ted Fu from Wong Fu Productions, David Choi, Jen FrmHeadtoToe, Ally Maki, Clara C, Freddie Wong, Brandon Laatsch, Mike Song, and Anthony Lee. Hosted by Amy Okuda and Philip Wang from Wong Fu, the contestants were put in different challenges and if they lost, well, they better be ready. Because Game Master Yoshi (a.k.a. KevJumba) was ready to punish the weak.

My favorite challenge they’ve done so far is the game called “Pass It On.” The contestants were lined up and separated by a curtain. Starting with either Phil or Amy, they acted out a phrase. The first contestant then had to act out the same phrase, using NO words, to the next contestant. Basically, if the games Charades and Telephone had a baby, this is what it would be. The last contestant then had to act out the phrase to either Phil or Amy, and he/she would guess what the phrase is. If you’ve ever played the game Telephone as a kid, you’ll know that people misconstrue messages very easily, so you can only imagine how crazy this game turned out to be. If I ever host a party of some sort, I totally want to play this game.

ISAtv’s Youtube channel currently has 3 parts up, and they’re releasing part 4 of the game show TOMORROW! Based on the preview, it looks like the contestants are going to have to go through some sort of obstacle course. Let’s hope Yoshi doesn’t subject them to more torture!

Just kidding, we totally want to see that. Go Yoshi, go Yoshi go!

What are some of your favorite Asian game shows? Leave a comment and share your thoughts with me! 🙂


Post-Grad Revelations

Hey there guys! Welcome to my humble abode.

If you know me well enough, you’ll know that I have a tendency to start multiple blogs and ultimately discontinue them (cue sad music here). But this time, things are different. This time, I’m super excited to start this new blog and really get to know my readers on a more intimate level.

Things are also different this time around because… well… I have more time on my hands now. Why, you may ask? Well, if you couldn’t tell from the freakin’ title of this post, I have semi-graduated! Yes, yes, you may now applaud. I have semi-graduated from Cal State Long Beach from the College of Liberal Arts with a B.A. in Communications Studies.

Heyyy girl heyyy! I finally did it! But wait whaa…? What do you mean semi-graduated?

Ok, so I tricked you. Kind of. I haven’t technically graduated YET but I will be finished in the fall and then I can have a real celebration of some sorts. Not that I didn’t celebrate now because I definitely made sure to celebrate the end of an era. I celebrated with a homie you may or may not know well named Jameson. He’s Irish and deadly. You should meet him sometime. I would show you photographic evidence of how much of the bottle I happened to finish on my own, but I don’t even know where that bottle is. Yeah, it was one of THOSE nights.

Ok, let’s get back on track. The title of this post is “Post-Grad Revelations” which means I need to tell you guys what revelations have occurred since I semi-graduated almost two weeks ago.

5 Things I Learned Once I Graduated College

  1. Always have a rehearsed answer for your family when they ask you what your plan is now.
    Let’s be real. There’s probably a 80% you don’t know what the hell you’re doing today, let alone the rest of your life. But to keep everyone at ease to know you’re not a complete failure, just rehearse a generic answer so that your great-great-great-great grandparents don’t start turning in their graves.
  2. Do what you’re passionate about.
    Most people tend to get extremely lost once they graduate because they feel this expectation has been set on them to immediately dive right into some successful career. But hellooo, that’s not how life works. (Unless you come from a family of money.) But for us regular folk, we need to work hard. My personal philosophy is do what you’re passionate about and do it well. You have a college degree now, you don’t need to take anyone’s shit! Just do what makes you happy and everything will fall into place.
  3. Alcohol intake needs to should be less than 9000.
    First of all, if you don’t get that “over 9000” reference I tend to do a lot, shame on you! I hope Frieza, Cell, and Buu all come and knock your face out.
    (So yeah, it’s a DragonBall Z reference. Don’t judge me, bro.)
    But anyways, if you were the type of college kid who practically came into class hungover everyday, you might want to take a step back and reevaluate what you got goin’ on. Don’t get me wrong, I love 2 for 1 drink specials more than the next person, but we’re adults now. Let’s be a little more responsible.
    …. Says the girl who still watches DragonBall Z. Tee hee.
  4. Create two accounts for all your social networks.
    So this only applies to the people who are going to be working in highly respected fields. You probably don’t want your boss or coworkers to see your ratchet pictures from last weekend. But if you’re like me, you should create an alter ego for yourself, give that alter ego his/her own social network and go crazy. You see, I curse like a sailor and admit that I consume more alcohol than I should, so I let that alter ego run wild in her own Twitter account. And now her own blog. But if you’d like to meet my tamed, professional self, well… why would you? You’re no fun.
  5. Last but not least, don’t forget that it’s all about the simple things in life.
    Ok you bad ass college grad. I see you with your degree and soon-to-be fancy job. It’s cool and all that you’re on a good path, but don’t forget the little things that make you happy. If you make most of your life pertain to work, you’re going to be one cynical motherf*cker. If you’re like me, one of my favorite past times is to spend hours and hours on 9gag. Hey, what can I say… I love me my internet memes. Baby sloths FTW.

So there you have it. 5 things I’ve learned thus far. It would have been a longer list, but I just graduated 2 weeks ago so calm down. I’m practically still a fetus. This list can continue as life goes on. In fact, feel free to add your own! I wanna know what you think. Leave a comment and tell me what you have learned since you graduated from school.

That’s all I’ve got! If you somehow find me endearing, make sure to subscribe to my blog. I’ll be posting some awesome stuff sporadically whenever inspiration hits. You know how us writers do.

And now I leave you with this ridiculously brilliant meme. (I actually did LOL)