Asian Stereotypes: We Love Studying


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Hey there friends! Happy TMI Tuesday.

So I was actually in the process of writing another blog post about… well… let’s keep it as a surprise for now. But I ended up saving that as a draft and writing this instead.

So let me be real. I have a midterm at 9 AM. It’s almost 3 AM and I haven’t really gotten a lot done. (Oops, sorry parentals.) I’m way too relaxed right before a big test and honestly, it’s because I HATE studying. In all my years of being a student, both high school and college, I am absolutely terrible at sitting down and memorizing shit. I’ve even fancied the thought that maybe my short attention span might be due to A.D.D, but then I realized, I don’t get THAT distracted. I’m just straight up lazy and I’d rather spend my time doing other things.

If there was a test on the entire series of Sailor Moon or Youtube Star Trivia, dear lord, I would get an A++++. I’d be that student that everyone wants to cheat off of because they bring their book to every class and actually open the book.

I titled this post “Asian Stereotypes” because this will be one of many blog posts where I address a stereotype that I definitely do not fit. I’m not sure why Asians are always perceived as smart, but hey, to me that’s a compliment! I don’t even have to do anything and I already look smarter than my non-Asian friends. But that goes out the door once you hear me open my mouth and I sprout out nonsense about the most random shit you’ll ever hear. 

I thought it always sucked when my other Asian friends had parents who were super strict on their grades. I’m lucky to have parents who just trust that I’m doing well (until they read this post and see that I’m not getting anything done) and let me pursue what I want to pursue. You know what I’m talking about, right? Those parents that just expect you to be doctors or nurses or something else that’s highly regarded as a prestigious career. I for one would be so unhappy if I was forced to study something I didn’t care about. College is expensive!! Why on earth would I be spending thousands of dollars on a subject I give no fcks about? I’m happy that I got to study what interested me because it helped shape me into the person that I am today. (Which is a person that loves to talk. Can you believe there’s a major for that?!)

In all the anime that I watch, I always admired the bookworms that study hardcore and got top scores on tests. I remember when I was in 3rd grade, I was really inspired by Ami (Sailor Mercury) and one time at a sleepover when my friends and I didn’t know what to do, I pulled out a random textbook I had and said, “Hey guys! Let’s study!”

Needless to say those girls aren’t my friends anymore.

(Just kidding, we still keep in touch. Kinda.)

I hate to end this post on such a negative message that studying sucks, because in all honesty, we all do need to study in order to be good people. Even if you’re not in school, you still have to spend time working hard at your job in order to be great at it. So the moral of the story is, study hard. Read that textbook with laser focus and get good grades, kids.

Or you can be like me and blog about how much this sucks.


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