Because Being “Kawaii” is so in Right Now

Oh Avril… please do us all a favor and just go back to singing about skater boys.

Avril Lavigne is back and released a new single titled “Hello Kitty.” If that doesn’t already make you somewhat cringe, just listen to the first four seconds of the song where she totally butchers the Japanese language and made people worldwide unanimously go “SMH.”

This sadly isn’t anything new in the land of pop music. Katy Perry donned a full geisha outfit during the American Music Awards last year and flashback 10 years before that Gwen Stefani donned her whole Harajuku girl posse everywhere she went. Can we all just take a moment and say “WTF WHITE PEOPLE? WTF.”

Cultural appropriation is the adoption of specific elements of one culture by a different cultural group. This is a phenomenon that’s been happening for years, but has recently been pushed to the forefront of any pop culture discussion thanks to people like Katy Perry and Gwen Stefani. Miley Cyrus doin’ that whole “thug lyfe, I’m a bad ass bitch that can twerk” is yet another example of how one culture appropriates another. This can be a hard concept to understand by some because some people interpret this adopting as a positive thing. Like, we’re all sharing ideas and we like how this culture does this, so therefore, this is something that should be celebrated, right?

Well… no. Not exactly.

It’s one thing to exchange ideas and celebrate diversity in a RESPECTFUL manner. (Notice how I capitalized the word RESPECTFUL.) It’s another thing to do a modern day version of colonizing a culture and its people and use their ideas as your own. People are not accessories to your identity. People are people. Appropriating cultures in this manner dehumanizes people and belittles years and years of rich history from these cultures.

So let me sound off here. It’s really fucking annoying to see yet another pop star take this aspect of Japanese culture and wear it like a cute pair of shoes. I mean, can you see those robotic, emotionless Asian back up dancers?! That’s all INTENTIONAL. That was choreographed that way. This song and video is absolutely terrible in every sense of the word. It’s pretty much just like that Chinese food video that the other White girl sang about on Youtube.

Dear God,

Make it all stop.

one of the many pissed off Asian girls that can’t take off this skin.


5 Songs That I Hate to Admit I Love

Hey guys! Happy Friday!

First off I want to thank you for reading my last blog post. It was the most read one I’ve done so far, so I guess that means that either A) everyone loves Maids, B) everyone loves reading about my personal life, or C) everyone loves Maids. So don’t worry, I’ve taken all that into consideration and the topic of Maid Cafes will be discussed and maybe even VLOGGED about in future posts. 😉 (I’m thinking about launching a Youtube channel… yay or nay?)

I’ve been working hard the past couple weeks transitioning from spring semester/sorority stuff to summer school, working more hours, and prepping for Anime Expo! So if it sounds like I’m busy, it’s because I am. But through all the busy work, I bear good news.

I finally have my own domain! 😀 -insert happy cheer- If you haven’t noticed, my URL address is just as opposed to I decided to just go for it because I’ve always wanted my own domain. So here I am! I’m like a new woman now.

Anyways, I wanted to do a fun topic today since it’s FRIDAY and we’re getting down and we’re looking forward to the weekend, weekend. (Get it? No? Ok…) I had the sudden inspiration to write about my favorite guilty pleasure songs since I actually was listening to Rebecca Black’s Friday song right before this.

OK so judge me all you want. I know this girl got ridiculously bagged on for having a really dumb song that went viral, but hey, she’s the one laughing at the end because she made tons of money AND got exposure. Do you know how hard that is to do that?? There’s millions of artists trying to break into the industry who will probably never get their big break but here’s this 15-year-old somethin’ that came waltzing in through Youtube and made a statement.


Photo from

She made the biggest statements of statements. We have to thank her for letting us know that it’s Friday and that tomorrow is indeed Saturday and the day after that is Sunday.

Thank you Rebecca Black. I so excited.

Anyways, another song I hate to admit I love is Justin Bieber’s song “Baby.” Do you guys remember when Justin Bieber was just posting videos on Youtube? Because I distinctly remember that period of time and when he released this song, I honestly thought it was two different guys. Don’t ask me why, I just did. But hey, I’m a big supporter of Youtubers and as much as people hate on Bieber Fever, deep down I secretly will always support him since he was one of the lucky ones who crossed over to mainstream media.

Oh and it helps that Ludacris is featured in the song. AND he gives a Starbucks shout out. I just got 10 more cool points. Thanks, Ludacris.

Okay let’s move onto the next song. One Direction’s song “Kiss You.” Yeah, I get that this isn’t their breakout single, but this song is hella catchy. If you haven’t heard it, I suggest you open up your Spotify and listen to it. Like, even listening to the first 10 seconds will suffice. You can’t tell me that that’s not catchy! Everytime I hear this song, I tend to body roll when they sing “Yea-a-a-hhh” in the chorus. (Ok, I totally don’t know how to spell that, but you get the point.) Ooh, I know, so edgy! Body rolling to a One Direction song.

Again, I am not stopping you from judging me. And I bet now that you’ve listened to the “Yea-a-a-ahh” part, you’re body rolling to it too. Huh??

Anyways, the next song I want to talk about is a current one. You might have heard it on the radio since it’s that mainstream and catchy. It’s called “Bubble Butt” by Major Lazer Feat. Bruno Mars, 2 Chainz, Tyga, and Mystic. First of all, that combination of artists just spells a recipe for a hot mess. If you’ve ever watched the video, you know what I’m talking about. True story, I watched that entire music video just to see if any of the actual rappers (i.e. Major Lazer, 2 Chainz, etc.) made a cameo and they didn’t. So now I can say I watch that whole video in its entirety and I wish I didn’t.

But damn it, that song is SO catchy.

The last song I want to discuss is Miley Cyrus’ Party in the USA. I’m not going to say much about Miley herself since she’s had the whole world pretty much talk about her, but I will say I don’t hate her nor love her. I used to watch Hannah Montana, so I’ll just leave it at that. Hey, everybody makes mistakes. Everybody has those days, everybody knows what I’m talking about —

Ok, I’ll stop. Seriously.

Are some of these your guilty pleasure songs too? I’d love to see your list. Leave it below in the comments! 🙂