This is my “inspired” face.

Hey everyone! Happy Thursday!

You know, one of the best feelings you can ever experience is the positive energy of being inspired by others. Lately in my life, I’ve been surrounded by such amazing, talented people who are motivated to pursue their dreams. They’re tenacious and will work hard because they understand that nothing great comes easy. I’ve always considered myself to have the same mentality and it’s just so refreshing to share that passion with others.

If you’ve read most or some of my blog posts, you’ll know that I’m a huge advocate for positive reinforcement. I think everyone always deserves some critique on how to better themselves, but in the end, I think the cherry on top is the “You’ve got this!” or “I believe in you!” statements that most of us forget to give to others. We can be so wrapped up in ourselves and how WE can improve, but we forget that there’s others along the way who are also in that same journey. We should be helping each other along. Because ultimately, who wants to stand at the top by themselves? What’s success if you don’t have others to share it with?

I’m not gonna lie, there are some people that you can’t help sometimes. These are the people who just have to learn it the hard way. You can’t just give them the answers and expect them to progress. Self realization is the only way people will grow. Sometimes people just gotta hit rock bottom to realize they have two options: they either continue on their downwards spiral or they wake the fuck up and make the change to better themselves.

I’m not a perfect person and I never, ever claim to be one. I have a lot of stubborn tendencies and I can randomly be shy and awkward. But one thing’s for sure: I know what I want and I will work hard to get it. If that means I have to make some drastic changes and sacrifices, then I will. If that means there are people who I will lose touch with along the way, then so be it. It’s a sad thought, but the people who truly matter in your life will always be a part of your life journey, somehow and someway. Just because we lose touch, doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate what they’ve given to me. I treasure every connection and friend I’ve ever made.

One last thought to leave you with before I conclude my rant for the day – be NICE to people. Please. Unless they’re just a dick.

Ok but in all seriousness, being a genuinely nice person to everyone you meet goes a long way. You might not understand it in the moment, but just giving someone a smile and saying hello to them might have made their whole day. You don’t know what everyone is going through. You don’t know if they’re struggling. So… just be nice.

And to everyone who’s just an asshole to everyone… you’re doomed. 😛 Remember what I said in my last post?! Karma…. (hide yo kids, hide yo wife!)

A great Youtuber by the name of KevJumba once said “When people do cool shit i get inspired so keep doing cool shit so i can get inspired.”



ISAtv Introduces a New Variety Game Show


Photo courtesy of Youtube

So I’ll admit… I’m a little late on posting about this. But hey, I loved this show so much, I just wanted to share it with you guys in case you haven’t heard of it.

So let’s backtrack a little. ISA is a concert events company that focuses on showcasing rising Asian American talent from online videos. (Basically all the Asian Youtubers in one place.) Founded by the ever popular Wong Fu Productions and Far East Movement, ISA has blossomed into a popular source for Asian American entertainment on the internet.

So if you’ve ever seen any game shows from Asia, you’ll know their game shows are anything but normal. They’re loud, fun, crazy, and there’s always some sort of dancing. Well, at least in Filipino game shows anyway. I for one have always found Asian game shows very entertaining and hilarious to watch. My favorite would have to be Silent Library from Japan.


Photo courtesy by ISAtv’s Official Tumblr

ISAtv basically wanted to create their own version of those popular game shows. If you haven’t watched it yet, you better open up a new tab in your browser and start watching it. Like seriously. I’m waiting for you to do it. Did you do it yet? Ok…. good.  All the contestants in this first episode are popular Youtubers that you might recognize. We have Wesley Chan and Ted Fu from Wong Fu Productions, David Choi, Jen FrmHeadtoToe, Ally Maki, Clara C, Freddie Wong, Brandon Laatsch, Mike Song, and Anthony Lee. Hosted by Amy Okuda and Philip Wang from Wong Fu, the contestants were put in different challenges and if they lost, well, they better be ready. Because Game Master Yoshi (a.k.a. KevJumba) was ready to punish the weak.

My favorite challenge they’ve done so far is the game called “Pass It On.” The contestants were lined up and separated by a curtain. Starting with either Phil or Amy, they acted out a phrase. The first contestant then had to act out the same phrase, using NO words, to the next contestant. Basically, if the games Charades and Telephone had a baby, this is what it would be. The last contestant then had to act out the phrase to either Phil or Amy, and he/she would guess what the phrase is. If you’ve ever played the game Telephone as a kid, you’ll know that people misconstrue messages very easily, so you can only imagine how crazy this game turned out to be. If I ever host a party of some sort, I totally want to play this game.

ISAtv’s Youtube channel currently has 3 parts up, and they’re releasing part 4 of the game show TOMORROW! Based on the preview, it looks like the contestants are going to have to go through some sort of obstacle course. Let’s hope Yoshi doesn’t subject them to more torture!

Just kidding, we totally want to see that. Go Yoshi, go Yoshi go!

What are some of your favorite Asian game shows? Leave a comment and share your thoughts with me! 🙂