Day 7: A Picture of Someone/Something That Has The Biggest Impact on You


Photo from Scarlet Rhapsody

Hey guys! Happy best day of the week!!

The only reason I love Tuesday so much is because there’s so many adjectives/events that go along with Tuesday. For instance, there’s Taco Tuesday, Tequila Tuesday, TMI Tuesday, and last week I came up with “Trolling Tuesday.”

So celebrate with me, yeah?

Anyways, the picture I chose for today’s challenge is a picture of me and my amazing friend Yumi emceeing at our Maid Cafe show this year. I already knew for a fact when I read this challenge that I would use a picture of Maid Cafe. I think I’ve pretty much made it clear in previous posts why Maid Cafe means so much to me and why it’s become a big impact on my life. But here’s the watered down version of it if you don’t want to go through the trouble of finding those posts:

Maid Cafe has combined all my skills into one place. I love leadership, organizing events, cosplaying, dancing, interacting with others, meeting new friends, and of course, I love hosting events. Being on the mic or being in front of camera is nothing new for me and I absolutely enjoy every second of it.

That’s not to say I’m some weird camera whore or anything. I just love performing in front of an audience.

When one thing can combine everything you’re passionate about in one place, then you know it’s had a big impact on your life.

Question of the Day: What’s someone or something that has had a big impact on your life?


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