Day 8: Short Term Goals for This Month

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday!

I apologize in advanced if this post seems rushed, because it is. I have a meeting to go to in a little bit, but I didn’t forget about you guys! Sometimes life is just hectic and you gotta use every bit of free time you have to your advantage.

Well this month is practically over, but I’ll just give you a general idea of some goals I’m trying to achieve in the near future. My biggest one right now is that I’m trying to move out. I’m trying to stay in Anaheim because I still work over here, and I don’t know what my next big career move is so until then, I’m trying to stay local. It’s proving to be a pretty difficult challenge in my life because 1) who the hell wants to live in Anaheim unless you were born here, raised here, or somehow unfortunately work here, and 2) why move out when you can stay with your parents and save money. I’m at this weird transition in my life where I’m pretty young, but I’m getting old and my fellow peers are either still trying to be young or… yeah they’re trying to be young. The ones who have their shit together are A) trying to focus on finishing school or B) taking care of other obligations while juggling a job, or C) a combination of everything. So as you can see, this shit makes it almost impossible to find a potential roommate. So yeah, this is my number one short term goal.

My second short term goal is to get approved to host a dance workshop at a convention. As of now, I submitted an application to SacAnime, and I’ll also be submitting one to Comikaze. Fingers crossed that someone approves me! ā¤

Third short term goal is to finally finish school. I only have 3 more classes to take and I’ll be DONE FOREVER. Thank god. I’m ready to move on from my college life. I just wanna do big things now.

Fourth short term goal is to seriously train harder in dance. I’m finally back in the swing of things, but I’m still not fully committed. When I mean “seriously train” I really do mean seriously train. Like, I gotta go back to 16-year-old Allison when she was able to do everything. Now I’m old and out of shape. I blame college. And poor eating habits.

My last short term goal is to keep posting regularly on my blog and youtube channel. I feel like writing and shooting videos is a way for me to keep my sanity in tact. (Well, what’s left of it anyway.) It’s become a way for me to really engage with people who understand me and a way for the real, raw, unedited Ally to run loose and not give a fck for once. I’m truly happy and I feel like I’m at my best when I blog and shoot videos.

Question of the Day: What are some of your short term goals?


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