10 Reasons Why You Should Date a Geek Girl

Hey guys! Happy Saturday!

Photo from inkbluesky.wordpress.com

Photo from inkbluesky.wordpress.com

So in honor of Youtube’s Geek Week, I decided to compile a list of reasons why dating a geek girl is the best decision you could possibly make in your lifetime. Because let’s be real… we’re the shit.

1. She can help you with your homework. Whether she’s really good at science, math, or literature, she is savvy in her area of expertise and can help you pass that class, yo.

2. She is a walking, living, and convenient encyclopedia. Chances are she’s a huge fan of something – whether it’s anime, video games, sci-fi, comic books, etc, and she will know EVERYTHING there is to that genre. Need a new video game to play? She’ll know what the latest releases are AND the reviews. Bam.

3. She ain’t afraid to walk into a comic book store. Fck those comic book staff that judge her. She’s still gonna buy the latest issue of Spiderman.

4. Video game nights make the perfect date.

5. You can have an enlightening and riveting conversation with her about almost any social issue since she’ll be up to date with current events.

6. Fan meet ups, cosplay gatherings, video game tournaments? Yeah, she’ll not only accompany you, but she’ll participate in them.

7. COSPLAY. Enough said.

8. She is up to date on the latest technology and she’ll have a well thought out opinion on different products.

9. You now have someone who can make terrible puns with you and think it’s hilarious. Han Solo? I think you mean, Han TAKEN!

10. Again, COSPLAY. Enough said.

Think I missed any? Add some more reasons in the comments! 🙂 Happy Geek Week! Check out Youtube this week to watch some awesome videos.


3 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why You Should Date a Geek Girl

  1. Thanks, Ally, for bringing a smile to my face. I personally like geek girls. I really don’t know why, maybe because I find intelligence sexy? It’s even better when they’re physically pretty and sexy too. That’s a major score and it’s kind of like finding a Playboy model with a high IQ – not likely, but it’s a nice fantasy. I’ll tell you what really turns me on, though; it’s a woman who knows everything that’s going on in the news. I think a woman who keeps up with current events is a rare find. She’s the best woman to talk to at a party cause the topics of conversation are endless – and INTELLIGENT!

    Funny post…

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