Day 19: Nicknames

Why hello there! It’s been a while.

Again, sorry for the break in between posts. But rest assured, I’m here and I’m ready to finally finish this damn Blog Challenge! I should technically be done by now, but oh well.

This is a fun topic for me because I absolutely love the use of nicknames. I don’t know why, I’ve just always thought using real names is boring and too simple. Call me adventurous, but I just like having an “A.K.A.”

So pretty much the only nickname I have is Ally. Growing up, my parents used to spell this like “Ali” but I HATED that spelling because it would make people pronounce it like “Ah-lee.” Like, Prince Ali, amorous he, Ali Ababwa. Yeah, I’m not Aladdin. And thumbs up if you just sang that lyric as you read it, hehe.

I always spelled it like “Ally” because I just preferred the Y over an I, even though my name real name is spelled with an I. Confusing? Well get used to it. I’m pretty much convinced I was put on this earth to mindfck everyone, if not, make everyone uncomfortable. Is it working yet?

So a fun fact about this nickname. Without even realizing it, I will ALWAYS use this name when I’m in some sort of broadcast or in front of an audience. When I was in high school, I used to be that annoying peppy girl (I still am… haha…) on the announcements and whenever I would sign off, I would say, “And this is Ally… saying have a great day!” I remember my friends would be like “Ally? You wanna be called that now?” And they had a legitimate reason to ask that because when I would introduce myself to people, I would always use my full name. I STILL DO THAT TIL THIS DAY! Just the other day at my internship, I was meeting some of the other interns for the first time and I introduced myself using my full name. But when I interview choreographers for the community class, I always say my name is Ally. I have no idea why I do this. It’s like some weird automatic reflex I have that I can’t really control because I just do it voluntarily. WEIRD.

And I think I’ve spoken in great detail about where the name “Alice Vega” came from in multiple posts, so in case you still don’t know… just skim through all my blog posts. Sorry, brah. I’m making you WERK.

Yes, that was an intentional spelling of WERK. You have to say it while snapping your fingers. Try it.