Day 18: Plans/Dreams/Goals You Have

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday!


Hope your Geek Week is lovely! I know I’m totally basking in all these awesome geeky Youtube videos. I apologize for the delay in the Blog Challenge. It’s proving to be a difficult task pumping out 2 posts a day, especially when I work every night. But no worries, I promise to do better! Believe in me, senpai!

(Yeah… things just got weird again. I just have a natural instinct to make things weird.)

Before I get into the main topic of the post, I’d just like to note how freaky it is that the Blog Challenges have actually been on point with different events in my life. It’s like it knows what I’m doing… Did we just enter the Twilight Zone?

Anyways, this summer has been one of the most eventful and life changing experiences in my short life. A lot of new things are happening… chapters closing, new doors opening. As much as I’m sad about the past, I’m just really excited for the future. Have you ever had that feeling? It’s so weird… like, how the hell am I supposed to feel? Sad? Happy? Both? How the hell do you feel both sad and happy at the same time?!

With that being said, I have a couple goals I’m working toward in this very moment. One being this blog. Like I’ve said in previous posts, I’m not doing this for any monetary compensation. I’m blogging because I love to write and I love to make new friends who appreciate my work. It’s been an amazing 2 months so far, and I know things will only get better from here on out. I know I post stuff sporadically throughout the day, but I appreciate you still reading the content on this blog… whether you’re reading it at 3 AM or 3 PM.

Which brings me to my second goal which I’m super excited to talk about… my Youtube channel! SO I know I currently only have 2 videos up (both of which are vlogs) but I finally decided a focus for the channel. If you follow my Twitter, I tweeted something about it earlier this evening. I’m meeting up with a friend tomorrow to start discussing the plans for this new endeavor, so just sit tight! I am planning to rock the shit out of your computer screen. It’s gonna be epic. Or so I hope.

Third goal… Boogiezone! As I’ve said in previous posts, I’m really happy to be interning here. I’m actually planning on doing a lot for all the social media networks as well as editing content for the Youtube channel. I know.. it’s like, right up my alley, right?! AND I get to take classes for free. It’s a total win-win situation. By the way, if you’re a dancer and you happen to be free on Thursday nights, come take the Boogiezone Community Class at 9 PM! 🙂 We feature different choreographers every week so it’s always a new style to try. Come get down with us.

Fourth goal… Maid Cafe! I know Anime Expo just ended, but I already have some awesome ideas for next year. I can’t tell you guys too much, but just know that these ideas will hopefully be approved and we’re just gonna come back stronger than ever in 2014. Yeah, you best be ready to buy some tickets to our shows.

As for general plans, I’m going into my VERY LAST SEMESTER OF COLLEGE EVER! I cannot wait for this shit to be done with. I just have 3 classes and I’m done forever! Just gotta beast mode it.

I’m also planning on attending some conventions! As of this moment, I will be at Comikaze AND Pacific Media Expo. I know I’m hella n00b and a bit rusty, but I AM planning to cosplay.

WHAAAAT?! Ally cosplays?!

Yes, I do. I’m not like a pro at it or anything, but I do. I just haven’t been cosplaying in recent years because well… all of my time and efforts went to my sorority and Maid Cafe. But I miss dressing up! If you’re planning on attending either convention, don’t be afraid to say hi to me! 🙂

As for what my DREAM is… well… I’m still kinda figuring that out. All I know is that I’m really happy where my life is right now. Blogging, vlogging, and dancing are what makes me happy. I’ll try to see if I can make a career out of that. If all else fails, I can always join the circus.


OH and if you’re wondering why I put a Nyan Cat gif in this post… there’s no reason. I just love Nyan Cat. Happy Geek Week! 😉