Days 11 & 12: Friend Pic/Why You Made This Blog

Hey guys! Happy Monday!

So yeah, I’m kinda slipping a little with these challenges. There’s really no excuse… I’m just getting lazy. (“A” for Honesty?) But have no fear! I have been brainstorming some new content so be on the lookout for that.

I decided to post 2 challenges together since I’m already 2 days behind, plus Day 11’s challenge is kinda whack. I mean… here’s another picture I guess.


WHAAAT?! You didn’t know Ryan Higa and I were friends?!

Just kidding. (I wish though!) My best friend and fellow blogger Angi came with me on Sunday to his free fan meet up in Sherman Oaks, CA. Other than meeting the fabulous Ryan himself, I also got a chance to meet The Fu Music and D-Trix. To say I was happy is an understatement. I really look up to these guys and am so inspired by their creativity and perseverance. They’re all also incredibly down-to-earth and very charming. Honestly, I was a lucky gal. PLUS… I was first in line. True story.

Anyways, onto the next challenge. So technically the challenge states, “How You Found Out About Blogger and Why You Made One.” First of all, this is WordPress so we’ll just replace that. I found out about WordPress from my awesome photographer blogger friend Jeremy. He’s had his blog for a while now and he not only showcases his amazing photography, he also actively blogs about different anime he’s watching. (Which definitely helps me out when I don’t know which series to watch next!) I’ve always been a writer and I’ve gone through my stages of having a Xanga, LiveJournal, and posting some fanfiction up on, but I never had a very stable, consistent blog that I kept up with. I always had a tendency to start one, and then I would just stop posting and forget about it. I made this blog because to me, this was the start of something new. (I really didn’t intend for that to come out as a HSM reference… but just go with it.) I just graduated college, and I feel like I’m finding myself all over again. You know that feeling as a teenager when you don’t know which circle of friends to hang out with because you know that it will define you as a certain label? I had that feeling again. And I’m a college graduate! You would think by this age, I would have this shit figured out by now, but I was more confused than ever. I really did feel like I lost myself in the extracurricular activities I was doing, and when I thought about who I am deep down, I didn’t know who I was anymore.

I feel like I found myself again by blogging because I was able to be honest and express myself in a pretty direct way. Some people define themselves by the videos they make, the dances they do, or the amount of studying they put in. But blogging provided me this digital soapbox where I can straight up say how I feel. It’s made me put everything back in perspective and help me realize what’s important to me in life.

I’m not trying to gain anything from doing this. I’m really just doing this for myself. It makes me happy to write about my experiences and thoughts on different subjects. I’m also doing this to get to know my friends on a more personal level. I feel like Facebook statuses or Tweets are so subjective and impersonal and there’s no way anyone can JUST read those and know how I’m doing. So I’m giving all my friends a place where they can truly see how I’m doing and maybe open up about themselves too.

If I haven’t said it before, I’ll say it again. Thanks so much for reading my posts. Even if you’re new to this site, or if you’ve been reading since my very first post, I appreciate the time you’re taking out of your day to come here. Like I said, let’s get weird. Or… not. Just be my friend, damnit.