Day 2: The Meaning Behind My Blog Name

Hey guys! Happy Throwback Thursday!

So here we are on Day 2 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge: the meaning behind my blog name. Well, brace yourself because this explanation… is actually pretty simple and I wish I had a cool story to go along with it, but this is all I got. Sorry to crush your dreams so early in the day. 😦

“Alice Vega” is a name I came up with earlier this year because I wanted an alias or a stage name to go by. My initial thought was if I ever became a New York Times best seller or a famous vlogger, this is the name I want to go by. I know… how ambitious, right? But after I decided that, I changed all my social media platforms to match this name. So if you haven’t noticed, my Twitter is xoxoalicevega, my tumblr is also, my instagram is xoxo_alicevega, and of course you know what this blog is called.

I was really inspired by Beyonce when I made the name. First of all, she’s a goddess and I freakin’ worship her. Second of all, I really like how she gave her alter ego a name, Sacha Fierce. In interviews, she explains that Beyonce is more reserved and introverted compared to Sacha. Sacha is more outgoing, sassy, and confident. I just really loved that dynamic and I wanted to do it too. Even though there’s honestly not that big of a difference between Allison and Alice (I mean come on, they both twerk regardless), I want Allison to be the professional face that graduated from a 4-year institution and I want Alice to be the girl who just lives life on the edge and is just straight up electric at what she does.

It’s actually really fun to have an alter ego! You should try it. Then let’s have our alter egos meet and have an alter ego party. I’ll bring the alcohol! I mean, Alice will. Allison frowns upon that behavior.

Nah, who am I kidding. Allison will also bring alcohol to the party.

In honor of Throwback Thursday, here’s a video of me dancing in high school with my song team. Aw yeah, jailbait Ally.

Ew, no. Stop it. It was funny in my head.

Fun fact: I choreographed the first piece, the one to Ciara’s “Like a Boy.”

Show me your Throwback Thursday pics or videos! 🙂 See ya tomorrow.

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