Day 4: Habits I Wish I Didn’t Have

Hey guys! Happy Friday… again!

So I know it’s 7 PM on a Friday night and most of you are probably getting ready to go out and wreak some havoc in the world, but before you go, I would like to share some terrible habits I have.

  1. I am probably a level 3 packrat/hoarder. I’ll never be on that god forbidden show, but I am pretty bad when it comes to throwing shit away. I always think I’m gonna use stuff later on in life or an item might just have sentimental value to me, but I just have a bad habit of not throwing shit away.
  2. I can get super competitive when I know I can accomplish something or win. I will stop at nothing until I achieve that goal. Like last night at 3 am, I taught myself the “Cup Song” from Lulu and The Lampshades/Pitch Perfect. I had work at 10 am this morning but I didn’t go to sleep until I perfected the beat. Right before I started writing out this post, I spent an hour practicing the beat while singing the song. That shit’s harder than it looks! I don’t know why kids underestimate this! It’s like… 85% perfect. (Wow… oxymoron, much?) I’ve ALMOST perfected it! ALMOST!
  3. I have a bad habit of letting my eyebrows get really thick and fuzzy before getting them waxed again. I think this is considered being lazy.
  4. I eat A LOT of bad food. I can’t help it… ‘MERICA!
  5. I can’t multitask very well. When I’m doing something, I get in the zone and I can’t get distracted or else I’ll fck up whatever I’m doing.
  6. I can get frustrated pretty easily.
  7. I procrastinate more than I’d like to admit. I think this is again… being lazy.
  8. I can be ridiculously impulsive.
  9. I wish I didn’t hate the sun so much. Then I could go to the beach or the pool like normal people do.
  10. Depending on how big the setting is and where I’m at, I won’t voice my opinions.

So there you have it! 10 habits I wish I didn’t have. I’m actually doing one right now – I’m procrastinating on getting ready. I’m going… ouuuuuut tonight!

…. That was a RENT reference… ya know… Mimi’s song… That stripper girl…

Yeah, I know my musicals too, ok? Stop judging me.

Question of the Day: What are some of your bad habits? Or are you a perfect motherfcker?


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