Day 5: A “Picture” of Somewhere You’ve Been To

Hey guys! Happy Sunday Funday!

So I know the challenge specifically says to provide a “picture” but I decided to be an over achiever and provide a youtube video instead. I know… I’m such a rebel breaking all these challenge rules.

So I’ve been to my homelands 3 times in my life now and this video is the most recent trip… back in 2007. (Yes, I know… I’m long overdue for a trip back.) It was my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary and they wanted to throw a huge party and renew their vows and everything. (insert ‘awww’ here) For the reception, my dad and I performed a tango.

So for those of you who don’t know, my dad has been a dancer for years and this was actually his career! He’s been a DI (Dance Instructor) for many years and has even owned his own dance studio in the past. This was the first time he and I ever performed together.

This was also the first time I ever performed the milonga before. I remember during this part of my life, dance was really big to me and I spent most of my days training at studios. So on the first day of rehearsal, I thought I had this in the bag because of all my dance background. Boy, was I wrong. This shit is harder than it looks, TRUST. The footwork can get crazy and in general, it’s just different dancing with a partner versus performing on your own.

Anyways, hope you like this blast from the past. Gosh, I never get to do any good Throwback Thursdays or Flashback Fridays. šŸ˜¦ That and I also just have bad timing. Why didn’t I post this on Friday, damnit?!


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