Goodbye, Adolescence

Hey everyone! Happy Monday!

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For some of you, this may be your last week of freedom before going back to school. As for me, I see it as, “I can literally see the light at the end of the tunnel and I just want to get to the other side as fast as I fcking can.” This is my very last semester of college EVER, as I have no intention of pursuing any master’s degree. This is a bittersweet moment, but it’s a moment that I have waited a long ass time for. I am ready to be free from school.

I always hear a lot of mixed reactions from alumni who are living the post graduate life. Most of the time, I hear the “IT SUCKS! I MISS COLLEGE!!” reaction. I’m not going to lie, those reactions make me a little sad to hear because this is the moment when we literally leave the nest forever. We’re no longer kids. We’re now equipped with our professional degrees and we can pursue anything we want. To me, that sounds like a rockstar dream. I’m no longer tied down to papers, exams, and all nighters. I can finally be who I want to be and live the life I’ve always dreamed of.

Call me idealistic, but that’s just how I see it! And I just don’t understand why others can’t see it that way too. I feel like some people just fall into a rut after they graduate because they don’t find their career job right away. But why were you expecting to? Not to be a bitch, but stuff like that takes time. We gotta struggle a little until we find our dream job. And if you don’t know your dream job, then maybe that’s the the core issue you’re not addressing.

I’ve always been one to follow my passions. I never want to settle for second best. I’ll be honest, I have gotten some job offers in the past couple months. Job offers that would pay me a lot more than my current part-time job pays me. But I turned them down. Why? Because it’s not going to contribute to my future plans in any way. It’s a quick fix… meaning I’d only be doing the job for the money RIGHT now. But in the long run, I don’t want to value that kind of money. I want to value the money that I worked my ass off for doing something that I absolutely love. Not something that was a quick fix kind of job.

And I totally understand if you’re in a rut right now and trying to figure your life out. I’m in the same boat too, as with most seniors in college/recent grads. But the one thing I found solace in was knowing that I could pursue what I want to pursue and no one can tell me otherwise. I can start this blog, I can start a Youtube channel, and I can dance. Is it making me money? No, but it’s making me happy and as long as I’m happy, everything else will slowly fall into place. I’m a firm believer in positive thinking. If you do good things and constantly strive for good things, then good things are sure to come.

But my number one advice is don’t feel ENTITLED for good things. First of all, I hate people like that. You weren’t put on this earth to be catered to, mtherfcker, so you better be working hard like everyone else here. Like I said, struggle a little for now and eventually your dream job will find its way into your life. Just stay positive and remember some company out there wants YOU and your talent. They just haven’t met you yet.



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