Day 20: Dear Future Significant Other

Dear Future Significant Other,

Bonus points if you know which Japanese drama this is from! ;)

Bonus points if you know which Japanese drama this is from! 😉

Well first off, hello there! This is awkward writing to someone I don’t know yet, but bear with me. I’m here to give you some heads up on what to expect when we’re hitched and ready to start our life together.

And by the way, that wasn’t some weird sexual innuendo. By “heads up” I mean that I’m just giving you some advice. Pervert.

I can be absolutely and utterly impulsive, which can be both good and bad. Once I decide to do something, I’m going to find a way to do it. Please be understanding and know that it’s nothing personal if I’m going to be away from you from periods of time. I’m just chasing dreams, no matter how old I am. I hope you will still be by my side and support me as I do.

I can also be ridiculously stubborn in my ways. Yes, I hear your side of the story and understand your opinions, but that doesn’t mean I like them. And I’ll make sure you know I don’t like them. Please be patient with me on this one… I’m trying to get better at this.

I hope you can put up with my love for the Geek Fandom. I love going to conventions and cosplaying. I love watching anime and blogging about how it makes me feel. I love dancing to Jpop and Kpop songs. I hope you like this too, otherwise our relationship can be pretty difficult to maintain.

Oh and on the topic of Geek Culture, I hope you don’t mind my mass collection of manga and comic books. I like collecting these things and you better not fcking sell these on eBay if we’re ever in need of money. I don’t care HOW broke we might get… I’d rather sell our TV. We can always watch shows on our laptops… duh…

I also have a Love-Hate relationship with food. Sometimes I’ll want to eat and pass out on the couch and sometimes I’ll be religiously counting my calories. Sorry in advanced. I know this behavior is so bipolar, but again, be patient with me. Just encourage me to workout with you and we’ll be good.

Lastly, I like to dance. I hope you do too. Or this could get awkward. At least twerk or something. If you need help, there’s a bunch of tutorials on Youtube.

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, I promise to love and cherish you as long as you love and cherish me. May we find everlasting happiness together.


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